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Project Description

Downtown Dallas Loft


This office space is open to the entrance door of my client’s residential loft. He works here part-time but, because it is open to the door, he didn’t want this to look like an office. So, I found this maple desk that opens up to reveal a work space. See the next photo. When the desk is closed it looks like a storage cabinet and the room looks like additional conversation space.

This photo shows the desk in the open position. There is a work counter, computer space, file drawer and shelves for collectibles and office supplies. The cocktail table was existing.



At the other end of the room, next to the front door, is the sofa and chairs used for client meetings. The back of this sofa folds down to become a bed for out of town guests. The screen on the right is on casters so it can be moved around the bed to provide privacy for a sleeping guest.


My clients were looking for modern styles that weren’t shown in every modern store in the city. They wanted more unusual pieces. I found this interesting chair, shown in the back, from one of my San Francisco sources. It is Italian but the manufacturer doesn’t show in Dallas. The other furnishings are classic modern.

We added to her art glass collection. The top shelf of the entertainment center has a row of art glass hats. I said they would resemble hats in a store window display.


My clients are modernists, the reason for their purchase of this modern loft. However, they inherited this beautiful French style piano from her mother. They wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons, but didn’t want to put it in their living room with their modern furniture. The loft has this mezzanine, an open space overlooking the living room. I thought it would be a perfect place for the piano as one could play and the music would be overheard in the living room below. The carpet was selected with a curved pattern mimicking the lines of the piano leg.

She also has a treadmill, which is used daily. She didn’t want it in her bedroom, spoiling the decor in there, nor wanting the noise to wake up a sleeping husband. I put it in the mezzanine space, covered by the custom glass screen. The screen hides the machine, but better yet, she can see through it when working out. So, she is not isolated.