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Project Description

San Francisco Co-Op



The clients wanted to update their dated and drab living room. They envisioned French Art Deco with a hint of the elegant ambience of New York City’s Cafe Carlyle on a cold winter night. They requested that I keep the antigue lacquered secretary and I kept the taffeta draperies.

I imagined a quiet, elegant room that would reflect the style and sophistication of the client. To quiet the mood and create the sense of a romantic club, I selected a dark sage toned paint.

The glare from the windows posed an uncomfortable distration to guests sitting on the sofa in its previous location. So, I angled the sofa so that one wouldn’t be looking directly into the windows. I added a bronze toned sheer fabric for roman shades, to become sun glasses for the room, cutting the glare, but sheer enough to not obstruct the view of an adjoining park and city sky line.

Two lounge chairs bordering the window provide a place for the couple to enjoy a glass of wine, read the paper, and enjoy the views. When entertaining these chairs can be turned to face the sofa for conversation with guests.


The previous dining area is now the music room by moving the piano from the fireplace to here. This alcove, off the living room, now had a purpose that related more to the seating. The chairs could be swiveled to face someone playing the piano. The artwork and corner cabinet locations were not changed.




The clients dining room furniture was in another area in the living room. I moved the chairs with a new dining table to the previously unused fireplace area. This opened up the fireplace to be used as part of a gracious, warm, dining space. I refinished the dining chairs in a crackle finish, colored to match the draperies. The back of the chairs were recovered in a beautiful silk stripe. The seats were covered in a silk-like microfiber so they would be practical. A chandelier was added to provide general lighting to the area and create a focal point for the new dining room.