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Project Description

San Miguel de Allende Casa

This modern, furnished living space is accessorized with accents from Japan. The bamboo screens, tied with black rope and copper wire, are typical of Japanese garden screens. They were originally custom made to cover bay windows in a previous San Francisco residence. They have now become interesting wall art. The painting of Koi is by California artist Jim Estey. With all the furniture in white leather and high gloss lacquer, the accessories stand out.

This is the passage way from the entrance foyer to the family room, showing a Dan Corbin statue as the focal point. Most Mexican homes have 3 of these niches, which typically display religious figures. The horse and rider, in this niche, are from Myanmar, purchased by the owner in Thailand. The open book on the wall, is by Phillip Livingston and is made of wood with a bronze cast pear and spline.

The entrance foyer becomes an art gallery. The gazelle torso, by Katja Fitzsche, is made of hand forged steel with a mold blown glass head. The painting of the bird on a post is by Gary Schafter, a Texas artist. The lucite encased piece on the right is a band made from a kilim remnant with a feather skirt. The statue by California artist, Dan Corbin, is made of bauxite and sheet metal. His torsos echo Roman and Hellenic statues combined with modern materials. The iron console table is a modern piece that makes use of this material so often used in Mexico.

The upstairs landing features another wood piece by Phillip Livingston, called Woman Alone.

This is a working office. The stacking animals, by the famed Mexican artist, Ortega, are ceramic and are typical of the charm of Mexican folk art. His work continues his family tradition of creating these animals and his and his family’s work are represented in many Mexican museums.

The master bedroom features the painting Winged Desire by Texas artist Mark Whitmarsh. The bedside cabinets are shoe storage cabinets. Closet space is very limited in Mexico.